Concertos for Piano and Orchestra

in order of their appearance:

Year - Composer - Works

1781 Haydn Concerto in G major Hob.XVIII:4  
1782 Mozart Rondo in D major KV 382  
Mozart Rondo in A major KV 386  
1784 Haydn Concerto in D major Hob.XVIII:11  
Mozart Concerto in E-flat major KV449  
Mozart Concerto in B-flat major KV 456  
1785 Mozart Concerto in d minor KV466  
Mozart Concerto in C major KV467  
1786 Mozart Concerto in A major KV488  
Mozart Concerto in c minor KV491  
1791 Mozart Concerto in B-flat major KV595  
1794 Beethoven Concerto Nr.2 in B-flat major op.19  
1796 Clementi Concerto in do  
1800 Beethoven Concerto Nr.1 in C major op.15 Review
1803 Beethoven Concerto Nr.3 in c minor op.37 Review
1805 Beethoven Concerto Nr.4 in G major op.58  
1809 Beethoven Concerto Nr.5 in E-flat major op.73  
1829 Chopin Concerto Nr.2 in f minor op.21 Review
1830 Chopin Concerto Nr.1 in e minor op.11  
1830/1 Schumann Early piano concerto in F major Review
1831 Mendelssohn Bartholdy Concerto Nr.1 in g minor op.25  
1833 Liszt "Malediction" for Piano and Strings R452 S121  
1834 Liszt "De Profundis", Psaume instrumental R668 S691  
1830/5 Chopin Andante spianato et Grande Polonaise brillante op.22  
1835 Clara Schumann piano concerto a minor op.7  
1837 Mendelssohn Bartholdy Concerto Nr.2 in d minor op.40  
1835/9 Liszt Concerto Nr.3 in E-flat major S125a posth.  
1839 Schumann Concerto Mouvement in d minor (Vienna)  
ca.1840 Thalberg Concerto in f minor op.5  
1841 Schumann Phantasie in a minor  
1845 Schumann Concerto in a minor op.54  
Henselt Concerto in f minor op.16 version of Robert Schumann  
1849 Schumann Introduction and Allegro appassionato G major op.92  
1849/52 Liszt Hungarian Phantasy R458 S123  
1849/51 Schumann Konzertstueck F major op.86  
1853 Schumann Concerto-Allegro with Introduction op.134  
1853/4 Rubinstein Concerto Nr.3 in G major op.45  
1835/56 Liszt Concerto Nr.1 in E-flat major R455 S124  
1859 Smetana "Macbeth and the witches", symphonic picture for piano and orchestra  
1839/61 Liszt Concerto Nr.2 in A major R456 S125  
1837/62 Liszt "Danse macabre", paraphrase on "Dies irae" for piano and orchestra R457 S126 Review
1864 Rubinstein Concerto Nr.4 in d minor op.70 Review
1868 Grieg Concerto in a minor op.16  
Saint-Saens Concerto Nr.2 in g minor op.22  
1874 Tchaikovsky Concerto Nr.1 in b-flat minor op.23 Review
1876 Dvořák Concerto in g minor op.33 Review
1881 Brahms Concerto Nr.2 in B-flat major op.83  
1882 Arensky Concerto in f minor op.2  
1882/3 Rimsky-Korsakov Concerto in c-sharp minor op.30  
1885/92 Menter / Tchaikovsky "Hungarian gypsies´ tunes" for piano and orchestra Review
1896 Skriabin Concerto in f-sharp minor op.20 Review
1900/1 Rachmaninov Concerto Nr.2 in c minor op.18 Review
1909 Rachmaninov Concerto Nr.3 in d minor op.30  
1911/12 Prokofiev Concerto Nr.1 in D-flat major op.10 Review
1914 Busoni "Indian Phantasy" op.44 for piano and orchestra Review
1921 Prokofiev Concerto Nr.3 in C major op.26  
1930 Jezek Concertino  
1931 Ravel Concerto in G major Review
1932 Prokofiev Concerto Nr.5 in G major op.55  
1933 Shostakovitch Concerto Nr.1 in c minor for Piano, Trumpet and Strings  
1934 Rachmaninov Rhapsody on a Theme by Paganini op.43 Review
1936 Khatchaturian Concerto in D-flat major  
1940 Szpilman Concertino  
1941/6 Addinsell "Warsaw Concerto"  
1945 Bartók Concerto No. 3 Sz 119  
1948 Bloch Scherzo fantasque  
1949 Poulenc Concerto  
1952 Kabalevsky Concerto Nr.3 in D major op.50  
1955/6 Messiaen "Oiseaux exotiques"  
1957 Shostakovitch Concerto Nr.2 in F major op.102